General Services Provided

  1. Canal transit booking request.
  2. Full agency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  3. Full husbandry services and technical fleet support (cash advance, spare parts, correspondence, crew changes).
  4. Ship repairs – from Afloat Repairs up to Dry Docking. Dock Dims. 318m x 39m Entrance 33.6m.
  5. State of the art information technology program from our web site, with projections of the traffic, transit related calculations, your statement of account, the vessel’s accounts, and all pertinent information from The Panama Canal.
  6. A global network of Representatives in major shipping cities, a phone call away from up-to-date information on local conditions important to ship owners and operators.
  7. A team of highly motivated qualified professionals to attend every aspect of your vessel’s need, with an average of 25 years experience.
  8. An organization with the financial resources and ability to guarantee a smooth and continuous operation, uninterrupted by world crises.
  9. An agency well known throughout the world shipping community for its integrity, honesty and quality of service.
  10. Global electronic banking facilities enabling owners and operators to remit payment for transit and other expenses just in time.
  1. Strategically located offices at each entrance to The Panama Canal, with the capability to attend vessels at any port in the Republic of Panama.
  2. An experienced and aggressive sales force to solicit cargo for the companies that require this service.
  3. Extensive relationship with The Panama Canal officials and port personnel.
  4. EDCS (ELECTRONIC DATA COLLECTION SYSTEM) to provide The Panama Canal vessel & cargo details 96 hours prior to arrival as required.
  5. Preparation of the PCSOPEP (PANAMA CANAL SHIPBOARD OIL POLLUTION EMERGENCY PLAN) to comply with the requirements of The Panama Canal on pollution matters.
  6. Constant communication with Operation Managers and Captains, assuring a fast and easy transit.
  7. P & I coverage thorough ITIC for over 30 years.
  8. Complete and thorough integration with any D/A desk.
  9. Traveling program for our executives to visit our clients to keep updated with their needs.
  10. The rendering of the complete vessel’s account within 15 days after the ship sailed.