Nautical Equipment Services

  1. Nautical charts - ba & noa charts and publications available.
  2. Kindly advice type and numbers required.
  3. Flags.
  4. Radar repairs / spares.
  5. Inmarsat repairs / spares.
  6. Vhf repairs / spares.
  7. Gyrocompass repairs / spares.
  8. Magnetic compass calibration (canal authorities require magnetic compass calibration less than six degrees deviation).
  9. Ships repairs specify type of repairs and if dry docking required.
  1. Joining and disembarking crew members bunkers. Prices available on request. State type and quantity required. Lubricants state type and quantity required.
  2. Freshwater.
  3. Underwater cleaning and/or survey report.
  4. Bunker or cargo survey.
  5. Condition survey.
  6. Cargo survey.
  7. Deck stores or marine paints.
  8. Flight arrangements for disembarking crew.